We’ve all heard it before. “I don’t care what people think about me.” It’s a great sentiment but it’s and untruth and it can damage your brand and your business.

That’s why there’s services like Yelp and Radian 6 so businesses can “listen” to what people think about their business. There is a little thing called reputation or crisis management in PR so that brands can keep people thinking great things about their business. Why?

Ultimately, what people think can make or break your business. Either they love or hate you, either they patronize your services or they don’t. It matters.

So how can you manage what people think about you or your business?

1. Don’t do dumb stuff.
2. Provide outstanding customer service.
3. Respond to Yelp complaints and clear things up.
4. Answer big blunder concerns with a public statement and don’t act like Tiger Woods and try to keep the mistake on the DL.
5. Be active in doing good deeds. This is a little thing called corporate responsibility.

The list goes on but work on those few things. As a business (and if you’re not in business think of yourself AS the business) you must care what people think about you. Work to keep those things positive, as much as can be controlled, and you will prosper.