Bring in the moistureLooking for moisture? I don’t know too many naturally curly folks who aren’t. Ultra Sheen, known from my relaxer days as the distributor of the best straightenin-for-ya-buck cream relaxer has created a product formulated for those of us who need a little juice to get our curls right.

Ultra Sheen’s Ultra Care line, called Moisture Blend, contains coconut, avocado, and castor oils and smells delicious. The line has a rich shampoo, deep penetrating leave-in conditioner and the light oil serum that oozes a fresh lavendar fragrance.

I’m not big on shampooing since my introduction to cowashing so I haven’t tried out the cleanser. However, I’ve been favoring Ultra Care Moisture Blend Hydrating Leave In Conditioner for braiding others hair. It helped me manipulate my friends otherwise brittle hair and the added moisture will be great with the oil as a sealer to keep the water and coconut heavy product benefits in.

I’d like to give this product four lavendar snaps (meaning I love it and I favor it) for working withfolks getting braids or twists-outs, or who are just fingering their natural curls.

This line is worth you product junkie testing. Be sure to try it out today and check back and tell me what you think.