As a student of marketing, PR and advertising, I’m always trying to learn more to help me be a better service provider and a happier lady, working less timewise, and more effectively. But sometimes I just get overloaded and want to bang my head on the computer.

Between,, HubSpot ebooks, webinars and different live events, I feel the same way I did in elementary school, just before I went on a rebellious kid rampage and jumped atop the table tops and danced (yes, mom said I did that and we’ll blame undiagnosed ADHD for that). I am either bored or overwhelmed with information that may indeed be helpful for my business, but because it’s so much or so badly presented, my eyes roll in the back of my head and I walk away without anything I’ll really implement.

Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever get the urge to throw textbooks upside a speakers head just to get them to shut up? I do. And I’ve learned some pretty cool ways NOT to do that and to take away just what I need to implement new tools in my business.

Doodle. Well, not the hearts and squiggles, but if you know anything about mind mapping and graphic facilitaion, you can take graphic, or artistic notes with symbols and little images that highlight key thoughts. These make a better impact than just keeping notes in word format. You know, like, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.”

Don’t listen. Ha, mom would kill me if she knew I was telling you this. Funny thing about us girls is that we can multitask and zone in and out when we need to. Proof: Our kids are yelling but we’re on the telephone. You focus on the call until you hear one kid scream, “Joey’s on fire.” Extreme example, but you catch my drift. Don’t focus all of your attention on one thing. Listen to webinars while typing up your marketing plan. Respond to emails until you hear a key point being brought out and only take THAT note. No need for transcribing, just zone in and out as needed. Only 20% of the info is actually info you’ll need and everything else is filler.

Determine how best you learn and only stick to those formats. I’m a better listener than I am a reader so I do better listening to webinars than reading a book. ADHD again. *waves* Also, I’ve noted that I’m a much better notetaker than I am at explaining, so the best way for me to learn and do something with it is to listen, take notes, and write about it to share with you. If you’re a better reader than listener, Barnes & Noble will serve you better than listening to a four-hour discourse. Not all learning is created equally and we have five (or more) senses to prove it.

Use only what you can. The truth is, after each lesson, seminar, book, webcast, etc. you’ll have perhaps EVERYTHING YOU NEED (we hear that a lot) to start you business but really, will everything you need be able to be implemented all in one fell swoop? NOPE, No, ma’am. Today, you may only make three things your goals. Master those. Move on. Choose three more. Repeat.

Break your life and all that you need to do, including continued education into bite sized pieces. Don’t allow the urgency of sales and marketing experts make you feel an imbalance when it comes to getting started and getting everything done at once. Take baby gorilla steps instead of adult T-Rex steps. Only then will all the information you get really serve you.