Yeah, you read it right. I think that every entrepreneur–scratch that–every human has a day, week, month where they feel like giving up and letting things go. I too feel like that from time to time.

Part of the reason we may come to that roadblock is because we feel like hamsters in a wheel, running, running, running, expending loads of energy and appearing like we’re getting absolutely nowhere. The outlook seems bleak and we may feel like we don’t have an ounce more of energy to give toward our endeavor.

What’s the cure:

Compare where you are today to where you were last year or five years ago. Looking back may prove to you that you’ve made some progress. You may not think it’s significant but the fact that you’ve made any progress proves that you’re successful.

Take a break or divert your course. Truthfully, what you’re doing may not be working and you may have to try something new. Take a break and with some objective advice from a friend or consultant, do something else.

Cut out unnecessary drains. Sometimes we’re doing soooo much and little is moving forward. What if you pruned some things out. Are you wasting energies on people, ventures, activities, thoughts that are not benefiting you. Cut it out. Budget all your time and focus on a very focused, pointed goal and watch that progress.

What are some positive tips that you would give a friend if they were in bed, covered pull over their heads and proclaiming they were ready to throw in the towel? Share them and I’ll tweet your tips to help others get on the good foot.