Hey, hey, hey! I’m baaaack! Yes, my trip to New Orleans was fab! Four events, three of which were natural hair events were great. The first was Curly Nikki’s New Orleans Meet-up sponsored by Mizani. And guess what? I got the whole Mizani line. Bad news: I couldn’t take it on the plane so I gave it to Stephanie of Gulf Coast Naturals and Extraordinary Chick blog who I’ll have to ask to do a blog post about the line. Goood stuff! Try it.

Anyhoo, I went to the Curly Nikki event to work and play and I had fun doing both. Taking pix and talking to guests was nice. Nikki looked great and I met all the ladies at Mizani who were clad in white, looking like royalty.

Guests numbered into the hundreds and all were happy that the Sugar Mill, the popular New Orleans venue, had a fan blowing water mists into the warm and humid NOLA air. All received Mizani goodies including a dive into their sample buffet with different products to try out.

The food and cash bar were good. I had to have me a Midori Sour to cool down. Thank you bartender!

I had a great time. Texture Media knows how to throw a great party (this is my second Curly Nikki event!) and they did an awesome job showing NOLA curlies love!

Check out my camera pix: