Ladies like pretty things. They buy pretty things and they shop at pretty places. So if your target market is women, you’d want to have lot’s of pretty everywhere. It must be appealing, consistent and translate your brands message in a way that attracts people to you.

This is precisely what Queen Collection, a plus size fashion house, has done. The moment you visit Queen Grace online, you feel, sexy, confident, and, well, like a queen with grace. The name alone communicates style and class, and the lilac adorned with a crown and a stately font impacts the eye in a way that you want to check them out.

Their fashions, also tasteful and downright HOT, jump off their simple and eye-catching website that has an easy to navigate interface, showcasing the latest fashions with a slider and colorful and compelling images.

One click and you’re able to check out, making the buying experience simple, because you know we’re not ones that go digging around to make a purchase, especially if it’s an impulse one.

Other noteworthy aspects of Queen Grace’s branding is it’s consistency, use of whitespace, customer service, packaging and shipping boxes which all bear the Queen Grace brand–purple mesh drawstring bags with purple tissue paper and a personalized note inside, and their well made fashions to bring it all home.

What can you imitate from this exemplary use of branding, service, and customer experience in order to make everything just pretty and influence a buying experience?

Research elements of color, text and memes to see how they make your buyer feel and whether it conveys your brands message, whatever that message is.

Be consistent. Your logo, website, banners, packaging, and anything bearing your brands name, as in content, social accounts, email messages or news releases should have the same brand and/or theme so that there is no confusion about who you are and what your brand represents.

Make it easy on the eye. Make it pretty. Play with colors and font combinations, site layout, transitions for pictures, and copy to see if everything is flowy and creates a nice user experience. If it doesn’t, tweak and try again.

Start there and don’t over think it. The most noteworthy brands have fairly simple branding elements. You make the brand and what it represents so create something wonderful and infuse your experience into it.

Need more help in figuring all that out? Let’s talk about it. Email me at jasmine[at] and we can discuss some options and how to create an immaculate brand for you that ladies love.