So, I’ve been thinking of writing a post on tablets since Sunday. I’m a bit tired of lugging my laptop around and opening it while in meetings with folks with iPads and feeling like the girl with the hooptie next to a Prius. I’m so over it.

However, I’m not a big iFan. Not that they aren’t great or that I’m a huge Microsoft worshipper, I just am not big on change and tend to stick to what’s familiar and MS is indeed familiar. I’ve only invested in MS products, for desk and laptops, even down to the atrociously small HP Mini (cute but I felt limited). After a while, I Craigslist’d that baby.

As for tablets, they are the big things on the market for mobile computing, for just cause. Ultra portable with comparable capabilities, tablets took the world by storm and changed the way we compute forever. Hence, while I’m an avid rebel against the new and latest, I’ve narrowed my pick for a new tablet down to these three. Help me pick.

PERFECT, but not an Android

PERFECT, but not small (they have 8″ but still not as cute as next pick)

PERFECT, small, PERFECT BUT SMALL. Afraid I won’t feel comfortable doing all my tasks.

What would Jesus do? He probably wouldn’t need a tablet. He can just contact God for all his computing needs….On the other hand, for your mobile computing needs, what would be the best pick for you? What would you recommend I get (outside of just buying them all)?