Sunday afternoon, I was digging around looking for sewing supplies so I can resume making my own clothes and you know what they say–You’ll always find something when looking for something else (or something like that). I’d been going through drawers scouring the place for a seam ripper and found a bag of glasses that my mom tucked away for donation.

In the bag, I found about 10 sets of vintage frames. One pair, the Ellen Tracy shades, are to die for. I’ve never found a perfect paid of shades but apparently mom knew how to buy for her faces shape because these fit me so perfectly.

She was happy that I was so geeked about the find and said, “Well, you know your granny said don’t throw anything away because eventually it will come back into style.” Indeed these frames are. We used to think the Magic Mountain mascot’s glasses were so big but I see folks everyday rocking the big, vintage frames like it’s the thing to do. It is. They are cute and definitely are a statement piece.

Take a look at the pairs of glasses that I snatched out the donation bag:

The Ellen Tracy shades and other vintage frames


P.S. Did you notice my hair or lack thereof?

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