If you haven’t gotten a chance to look at the new site, you should. Of course, this only goes for those reading this in an RSS feed or RSS-to-email and aren’t peering around the screen like, “Hey, I’m already here. What’s the big deal.”

So, the site that you saw yesterday was a thrown together version of three websites and trying to get content into one page. I’d been fighting with the decision to consolidate for a while and in the end, I decided that I was one person, made up of different components and that my business, my mastermind group, my blog, and well, ME (uh hem, I, to be sorta kinda correct about something) should be thrown into a big ol’ pot o’ Jasmine at jasminepowers.com. I’m happy with the decision to streamline and I think having one site and one brand of Jazzie Pooh will help you truly know me–something vital if you want to know how I think, why I feel the way I do about creative marketing and PR campaigns, and business overall.

You may notice that the site is extremely girlie. That’s very deliberate. I want to work with women and one thing I noticed in my extensive work with them is that women are just giant little girls. I have an eight year old little niece that proves this to me every time she does something very Jasmine, or I do something very HER. Women are simple creatures (you laugh, I know) and at the core, we like pretty, organized stuff, kinda like what you get on Pinterest or Fab.com. So, after looking at the responses of women to stuff like that and a very strategic social media “study”, I decided to go with the look you see here. It’s simple, pretty, girly, well-organized, easy to navigate, and hopefully attractive to those who visit.

Everything isn’t perfect, of course. In a rush, I have left some things to tweak over the next few days. I’m a fan of get ‘er done so I didn’t want my site to be a giant unfinished placeholder because those just irk the living daylights out of me. So, specifically, the broken pictures on the blog and the unswapped signature lines for each post shall remain unfixed until I can steal away some precious time to sprinkle my wand over them.

If you’re wanting to know the fonts I’ve used throughout the branding, as so many have asked, it’s Lobster, Adios Script Pro, Aharoni and Helvetica Neue. Fonts are my best friends. I collect them and at some point VERY soon, I’ll go back to school to learn how to create my own. Until then, I’ll use the handy gazillions of them already created and use them in the things I create, like this site.

I’m happy to see that new, vibrant calls to action make engaging with me much easier to figure out. I want to talk to you so I have all my social buttons and calendar available and forms throughout to make getting in touch with me a breeze. Of course, email is always there so shoot me a message at jasmine[at]jasminepowers[dot]com. Then, by subscribing to updates, you’ll get free stuff that I like to send out like worksheets, whitepapers and reports, announcements and other yummy stuff that I think you would like to get your pretty little hands on.

So, in order not to show you how ubergeeked I am about the new site and the rebrand, I’ll shut up and let you comment or click around and schedule a 15 minute appointment with me or something cool.

See you around and talk VERY soon!