At our New York Curly Hair Mixer, I met the fabulous Cynthia Williamston of Bridal Tribe. Listen in on my chat with this lovely natural diva.

 Hi Cynthia, it’s good to talk to you. Tell me about you and your business.

I produce Boutique Wedding Expos. I like to find creative ways for Brides of Color and the people who want to make their day special to connect. I usually collaborate with a lounge or café owner once a month to bring one vendor from each part of the wedding industry to show what they can do. It is usually an event planner, DJ, photographer, a pastry chef, hair and makeup artist and a dance teacher, sometimes a band.

The event planner decorates and everyone else displays their specialty too. What’s different is that the bride and groom can attend together, or the bridesmaids, or even just the groomsmen. There is something there for everyone and it doesn’t feel like an expo, it feels like a party where you have firsthand experience of the talent you may want to hire. At the end of the event everyone gets a goody bag with all vendor information in case you want to contact them. Our slogan is “From the Ring To The Dress and Through The Vows, We Are Dedicated To Love”.

Next month’s event is a shoe party for shoe lovers like me. Brides will see shoes that they can wear on their big day or just for play. It is going to be great fun.

I also photograph and post images of wedding style choices for natural hair; Styles that represent versatility, and inspire a celebration for our wealth of beauty.

How long have you been doing it and what’s been your inspiration?

Bridal Tribe started in December 2009 as a Blog and website because I wanted there to be a space where talented makeup artists and hairstylists could feature their work. I was inspired when I was asked to help my godsister with her wedding. At some point we began to discuss a wedding hairstyle for her natural hair, She and I both looked online and in magazines but didn’t see anything that she liked. We also went on a hunt for a make-up artist for her and the bridesmaids, I don’t remember why it seemed difficult to find someone with examples of their work online but it was. I want to make Bridal Tribe a resource of inspiration that is easy to find online and in print.

How long have you been natural and do you work with a lot of naturals?

I have been natural for 16 years and I love it. I no longer choose to work in a salon but I style photo shoots with natural hair divas and men too. There are so many areas where our beauty elevates a product and I love bringing that beauty to fruition through pictures.

I’ve seen your coffee table book, from which these photos are taken. Tell us about it.

I received great reactions to the images and professional hair stylists kept asking for a book or magazine. A book didn’t exist at the time but now it does. It is a great tool for salon owners to have on hand specifically for their wedding and event clientele. It has wonderful make up looks for every complexion and styles for the bride to choose. She can choose to wear her hair curly, pressed, or to add hair to her style. I helped design one with Semeka Photos already for sale on and now I want to create a series of coffee table books about hair.

Random: What advice would you give someone looking to get married?

Well I hope this question pertains to hair…lol I would advise that a bride looks for a style that isn’t like her everyday style but still allows her to elevate, stand out and be her beautiful self, the same goes for the groom.

Where else will we be able to find you online?

My blog is and the blog spot is


Isn’t she awesomeness, gorgeous and we especially love her hair!!!! Support the natural divas and their businesses so we all can prosper. All you event planners, do connect with Cynthia and hopefully her expos can upgrade your business.



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