Well, well, well. Let’s see who didn’t take their happy pills this morning. Must be that irritable store owner that you met today.

It sucks. As a consumer, you expect the best for your buck or at the very least to be treated like a human. So as a business owner, wouldn’t you want to follow the golden, or in my mind, PLATINUM rule? Wouldn’t you want your clients to think of their last experience with you as a positive one, especially if you want them to keep spending their little green ones with you?

I’ve met way too many clients who were afraid of another vendor. Whatever that intimidation or bad attitude that came across was made continuing to spend with them kinda scary. You wouldn’t want to be the boogie man, would you?

Maybe that comes from feeling cocky about how great a service provider you are. But come on people, as service providers, as much as we may be successful, if we lost all clients and opportunities because of a bad attitude, we’ll be broke as a joke. That wouldn’t be cool…for anyone.

So how can you tweak your attitude so you can provide great service?

Say, “Will Do!” gleefully and not sarcastically.

Give them what they ask for, in a reasonable time frame, within reason–we know you can’t do a million gazillion edits without charge but still, help the poor client. They need you or else they’d do it themselves.

Listen. OMG, this should be number one. How many times do you want to punch the guy at Taco Bell for getting your order wrong three times? Oh, if only you would LISTEN and try to understand what your client wants.

Listen some more.

Shut up and listen some more.

Okay, I think you get it. Flip the order of these tips to 1. listen, 2. say, “Will do!” and 3. give them what they want and you’ll start to have happier clients. They NEED to be right, even when they are wrong for sake of repeat business, tips, great Yelp reviews and ultimately for your business.

Kill the nasty attitude and SMILE. You and your clients will feel happy, happy, joy, joy. : ))