Simply put, the reason why no one cares about your ad or your Facebook page is because they don’t know you, have a relationship with you, or have a clue why they should. Yet, they should. How can you change that?

Much can change the way your target audience responds to you by doing two things:

#1 Engaging

#2 Educating

Let’s discuss the first, engagement. What activities are you doing to do this? Are you simply posting more and more ads in the misguided effort to engage? Should people like your Facebook page  just to like it, without any concern for the content that will be posted there? Seems silly actually.

Most marketers I observe seem to be concerned with numbers. “I need more fans, I need more followers, I need more traffic to my site.” Numbers, they think, would automatically equate to more customers and more sales. But how could that be true? What you do isn’t based on a numbers game. You have a unique product with a brand that should set you apart from all others. People should buy from you because you do something very special. So, how you let people know this has everything to do with your communications and the best communication isn’t one-sided or salesy. It’s engaging and draws in your ideal customer and influences them to make a purchase.

“So, yeah, Jasmine, you say this but what do you mean? How do I engage folks?” BE YOURSELF! I don’t like pages of brands that simply have stats and sales and links to products. A funny picture or two, a contest, a note about what the marketer is doing for the day, EVEN if the brand is a large corporation, is more engaging and more endearing. People do make impulse buying decisions, but a lot of what we do is driven by emotion. So be yourself and do things that would make people like you. How you engage in real life should be how you engage online. If you don’t have skills offline, work on that…and try again.

What about my Facebook page? I like “likes”. What’s the point of folks clicking like if they never visit your page again? What’s the point of a fan liking your page if they really don’t LIKE your page? Once you’ve answered that, make them like your page, stay there, check back daily for what’s new, and ultimately, visit your website and make a purchase.

Still need help? Observe what the big boys are doing, especially those with a lot of activity on their pages or websites or have sold out events and products. If they are doing something right, especially if they have a brand similar to yours, imitate them. If all else fails, call on expert help to boost your advertising and social media efforts. An investment here might end up with an out of this world return.

So, go, people. Engage. Next, we’ll discuss educating and influencing buying decisions. Stay tuned for the next installment.