Yesterday, I conducted my first every After The Spark Business Combustive, presented by Ambitious Diva. The three hour workshop consisted of coursework and homework which will be followed up on in one week along with piercing talks on branding, creating a niche, finance and taxes, setting up entities and legal filings, and the biggest challenge for businesses–marketing and getting customers.

What I’m continually finding when working with women is that our emotions drive much of what we do and how we feel about our businesses and how we behave in them. Our lives and all the hats we wear are connected so if we’re feeling icky in one part, everything else starts to be affected. So it became clear, early in working on the Ambitious Diva initiative and in this workshop that not only would I have to make action an integral part of the coursework and planning but also address the feelings that drive or don’t drive those actions.

If you’re feeling at a loss for how to get your business off the ground and you feel like you’ve tried everything, chances are you’re NOT at a loss and there’s no way on the planet you’ve tried everything. So with the little energy you can scrounge up and maybe a couple of financial sacrifices (read: investments) you can put the fire back in your businesses love life.

After The Spark is best with 2 or more women, but if you want one-on-one help, I’ve just created a specialized program just for you. For $250, the average cost of an overly general conference that doesn’t provide direct coaching specifically for what you can do, you can do this four hour workshop with me, your personal lighter-fluid, lol!

Go to the Classes page and book your class by paying and selecting a three hour time slot for an upcoming Tuesday using

Let’s get it hot in here and get you invigorated and in control of your business!


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