Oh, tell me this. Why do I look so mad and like I don't have no clothes on lol. I have on a sleeveless jumper, in case anyone else asks lolololol

For years, I didn’t consider myself natural haired because I had none. The rebelliousness of my hair and a busy lifestyle made me opt to shave it off. Over and over again. In a sense, I felt like I was really transitioning once my hair grew out because it was like, I have hair, now what?

Shaving my head was freeing, as for years of my life I was dependent on relaxers, stylists, and weaves. I’d gone to cosmetology school so I knew how to do my hair, you know, the relaxer, press and curl thing, but not anything dealing with my tightly coiled, thick head of (what I now know is fabulous) hair.

I managed my scalp the same way I did if I had hair. I used Jane Carter Nourish & Shine to keep my scalp enveloped in yummy goodness and not ashy looking. I would brush it and cleanses it daily. Then, I started etching designs in it to add a little variety.

It’s hard to see yourself without hair because hair can in some ways hide you. I’d hidden behind weaves because I though that’s what men liked and that the weave would make me “pretty”. Only now can I say I make me pretty and the weave was just a mask.

Seeing my full features on display was scary at first and I think some didn’t understand why I’d make such a move. But though I felt slightly scared about what others thought and whether I would still be attractive without hair, I felt really good not having to deal with my hair.

Now, I have about two inches of hair, just at the top because I’m a bit addicted to Andis and Wahl. My hair is still very managable at this length and it’s kind of a funky look only to have a puff of coiled hair at the top of your head.

Are there any happily shaved-headed folks representing? Share your pix with me here and I’ll feature them in a future post.