Q: Jasmine, I need sponsorships! (Well, that’s not really a question but, follow me here.)

A: Go ask for some. (And that’s the sum story of it.)

While the conversations I have with bloggers, businesses and event producers don’t sound quite like that, they sort of do. Do what’s the long and short of it?

  • Build your relationships with brands now. Meet them, email them, talk about what you can do for them, even if they don’t invest now. Keep them posted.
  • Get them vested in you and rooting for your success.
  • Then, define what you could really do for them and help them with–most times it’s simply brand awareness and exposure. Prove your reach or numbers and how you’ll get their name in front of those numbers. Charts and stats are good. Send some packages and options and what they’ll get. Make signing up and committing easy by including a sign up form and place for their credit card number and signature and include all terms right then or there.
  • Give them everything they need to make a decision.
  • Be patient, don’t harass them and go on to your next (you’ll have a list of brands you’re going after) and then circle back. A year or more is better but if you sell ad space, news blasts or other solutions, you could still earn what you need to get to an event, without needing to make any long term commitments.

Just figure out what you need from a brand and what they want from you in order so they see value in working with YOU to get their name out…PSST, a lot of brands are looking to reach female and minority consumers, so you got that in the bag. Kill it and get that money ladies. Oh, your sponsorship kit should answer who, what, when, where, why and how – and how is where you ask for money. Okay, NOOOOW go get your money. I’ll shoot you individually a couple of different sponsor kits I’ve used and share it with you privately if you send me an email.

P.S. Research books by Ilona Bray on fundraising. It’ll change your whole sponsorship game. I left out that you should research brands missions and find those with missions synonymous with yours. Here’s eight part series for you to read that was featured on Eventbrite to get a LOT more into detail. Have fun and get money folks!

P.S.S. A little Eventbrite birdie told me about another service called SponsorHub.com. Check it out. It’s in beta. Go register and buy me a burrito when your first sponsorship check rolls in.