Hi, my name is Jasmine and I'm a Curly, Confident Community Organizer! Photo: Latisha Green-Hernandez

Most of you know that Natural Hair Parade is an extension of what I do overall in my life and career. I consult with women entrepreneurs and also support them with their personal and professional goals by means of Ambitious Diva, a mastermind, coaching and support group. Each aspect of our lives are directly connected to the other and everything from our hair, our mind, our businesses and the communities we belong to are linked by a single thread–us.

So, since hair is a big deal to us, affecting everything, I decided to put together a workshop that would serve to help all you curly divas explore the emotional impact and celebration of our uniqueness, how we can navigate the hair and beauty industry as business owners (and if we lead any blog or community, this is for you), the benefits of our communities and how to build them and ultimately how to prosper in every aspect of our lives and business. That sounds really good, huh?

I initially built the program as a two-hour workshop for a group in Seattle, WA who’d asked me to come out and speak in July. THEN, in a meeting with a major brand, there was talks of building a full program of empowerment for the curly community–and so I did! LASTLY, Fierce.Fly.Fabulous, which I’ve partnered with Gulf Coast Naturals on, is allowing me the opportunity to do a keynote o the same subject for the attendees of the event in New Orleans, LA on July 8, 2012. How exciting is that?

The full Curls, Confidence and Community seminar will be produces as programming for Love & Beauty Unconference being held in Los Angeles, CA on September 2, 2012. The great thing about this seminar is that we’re opening up the programming so that experts and speakers within this community and it’s open to you too! If you’re interested in speaking on one of the panels, please email me immediately with your credentials or bio and what you’d like to bring and present in your participation in the event. I’d love to hear from you!

If you’re interested in me either coming out to present the Curls, Confidence and Community program as a keynote or workshop, please do let me know and I’d be happy to come and present this resource rich educational and empowering program. I have the full program outline and topics in a handy one sheeter so I’d love to shoot it over to you if you have an upcoming event.

I might event throw in a live performance of Shake Them Curls Gurls! lolololol That would be hilarious! I can’t wait to meet you and talk Curls, Confidence and Community!