If you’re crazy about accessories, it helps to have a jewelry line owner in the family. One of my dearest friends, fellow bloggers (Afrolicious.com), and creative extraordinaire, Ann D., of new African inspired Ankara & Lace is my Headwraps ‘n Earrings feature today.

Ann’s dedication to handmade goods and to Africa breathes in everything, and I mean everything that she does. I couldn’t even name all of the creative projects she has but her focus is always on social justice, spirituality, and on the advancement of people of the African diaspora.

That love is seen in the handcrafted pieces she makes at Ankara & Lace. Each piece is handmade by her and her most intimate friends. Of course, I will be a part of the creative circle that delicately sews or strings beads on these intricate pops of art.

Here are the pair she gave me:

And some that she had on when we met for one of our famed pow wows last night:

Isn’t it lovely?! I  want the whole collection. Make sure you support Ankara & Lace and the bold, beautiful, people that bring this line to the masses.

Find her at @afrolicious and www.ankaraandlace.com