As much as I love Tumblr and YouTube, I’ve become much more of a Pinterest freak, repinning pictures on everything from beauty, to Steampunk, graphic design, and Brooklyn related images. Pinterest has become a new way to share the things I love and by having an audience made up primarily of women, beauty, hair, and fashion becomes top focus.

Soooo, why not revise Tumblr & Tube Tuesday to include links, embeds, and pictures found on Pinterest? Makes sense to me. The cool thing about Tumblr & Tube Tuesday, now renamed as Pin, Tumblr & Tube Tuesday is we’ve made sharing easy. Our site allows you to share posts across your own social sites and by linking directly to our YouTube account, you can share the vids included in our posts with your friends or on your network. Life is made a bit more easy if you’ve installed any bookmarklets for Pinterest, Tumblr, or even StumbleUpon to your own toolbar.

I’m just very excited to share some of the cool things I find across the web. We even have some of our own custom made images and photography to share. Of course, if you email me, I can share images, videos and links that you find on our blog AND those you create and just wish to have us distribute and share with our audience. This could really become a sharing bonanza!

First image that you should share on today’s Pin, Tumblr & Tube Tuesday….The flyer for the 2012 Fierce, Fly, Fabulous event being put on by Gulf Coast Naturals and Natural Hair Parade in New Orleans Essence Music Festival weekend! Happy pinning!!

Pin, Tumblr & Tube me please! If you pin me then I'll pin you back!

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