@JeByrdWise pulls the look off effortlessly

Could you imagine a seventh grader, in middle school, coming to school head wrapped in Kente cloth, when that was not the thing to do?

Yeah, you could say that I always stood out and my style choices only served to make me happy. To me, there was nothing greater than fabric tied intricately about my head, big floppy hats a la Left Eye, or another option, fake hair of all lengths and colors to embellish my outfit.

The flexibility, variety and simplicity of headwraps has made it a favorite. The women in my family were seamstresses and grooming me to be the same. So I always had yards upon yards of fabric of all different textures and functionality to work with. I’d discovered my passion for wrapping my hair up, just like the photos of my mom in the 70’s and the large painting of an African woman that hung in our family’s livingroom. This was beauty.

Then came the Ms. Erykah Badu. That sealed the deal for me. A young impressionable girl in middle school, already on the afrocentric tip and then having a major recording artist validate that being different and wearing a bodacious pile of fabric atop her head was artisitic, beautiful, and trendsetting, gave me the impetus to keep rocking my joints.

Long story short. Headwraps are fly. If you don’t have one, I’m sure you have a long stretchy dress, a couple yards of any fabric (minus satin unless you have pins), or pashminas. Tie that baby up on your head and throw on some big earrings. You’ll look hot. Otherwise, you can purchase the premade turbans and look like your fave celebs.

How do you rock it? Send me your photos of you being all wrapped up to jasmine at naturalhairparade dot com and I’ll feature you in an upcoming post!