Most of the content here is fun, playful and about hair, fashion and beauty. Yet, sometimes it’s necessary to consider serious things as they pertain to our overall well-being. Safety at public events is one of those subjects.

One of the first things I considered when changing the business model of Natural Hair Parade to a social events and PR company was the safety of guests at our public events. When inviting the general public to public places, and usually without added security, especially if the venue is a hotel or restaurant, there is always the chance that something may not go down so well. Other concerns exists in live-tweeting and using location-based services like Foursquare, Facebook Check-Ins, or Gowalla which disclose your precise location. These things can create safety concerns.

A good rule of thumb when traveling to and from events, some which end at night, is to not travel alone. Be aware of your surroundings and quickly head to your destination. Also, while social media and sharing your whereabouts is fun, it could alert the ill-intended that you aren’t home or where you are in the event they wish to burglarize your home or cause harm to you.

Meetups are meant to be fun, educational and community-inspired so there generally one feels secure being amongst people that look like you, have the same interests as you, and some you feel you know because you chat online. Truthfully though, whereas we should not live a life of fear, we do not truly know those we meet online–or many times, even in real life. While paranoia isn’t necessary, any security precautions you take elsewhere still apply in the natural hair meetup setting.

We all are very valuable, precious people and we aim to live positive, happy lives, free from worry. Still, the news alerts us to the state of affairs that we live in so please take the time to carefully consider what you can do to ensure the safety of  your friend, family, and yourself to the best of your ability.