Reviewing where I was directing my online marketing efforts, I’d been spending most of my time on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and G+ but rarely visited LinkedIn. However, this is the BEST place for me to start and nurture relationships. My profile had been at 100% but I needed to tweak things here and there and with recently added capabilities, I’d needed to add skills and publications to my profile.

Every day, give a little time to LinkedIn and make sure you share all your content to LinkedIn as you would your other profiles. Hootsuite integrates with it and most social sharing plugins in WordPress allow you to share to it. Folks you meet at conferences are easily searchable there, but my favorite is to connect with major tech companies and shoot them notes so we can be friends (it works and I have some great relationships as a result).

Great uses for LinkedIn:

  • Lead generation
  • Creating content
  • Employment search
  • Resources and community
  • Event promotion
  • Marketing
  • Driving traffic
  • Directory listing

Also, if you are looking for employment, not only are the connections you have valuable but you can submit applications for employment using your LinkedIn profile.

This tool often is overlooked because of not being one of the top three social networking sites, however, in looking at it as a business network site, it stands in my mind at #1.

Anyhoo, GO, now and update your LinkedIn profiles.

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