The other night, I stumbled on a social bookmarking and e-commerce sight, Copious, which has a Pinterest feel, yet only for fashion boards and has the capability for folks to shop.

I complained on Facebook and Ana Lydia Monaco, fellow publicist and owner of Padma Media in Los Angeles helping brands communicate their messages to Latin American audiences, asked a question that begs an answer. Will Copious or all the other platforms popping up fit into your marketing efforts?

No, not mine in particular because I’m not a retailer of fashion items, just yet. In the future I could leverage it to promote new products and sales and to drive traffic to my site which is the primary way brands should be looking to social media or social bookmarking accounts to do.

Those like StumbleUpon, Digg, or Tumblr can do the same if used strategically. For some, sharing posts related to any old thing and not specific to your brand, product or service can just amount to a hobby….or a huge waste of time.

Reading sites like Mashable and PR Daily can hip you to which services with work for your marketing and PR objectives. Carefully monitor your activities and the return on investment of your time. Make life easier by using WordPress plugins to share your posts, pages, links and content easily across these sites and in appropriate categories to fit your message.

So will I use every site that comes along? No. Yesterday, I learned of, a few weeks back Sometimes it just seems like too much. (Addendum: Microsoft has just launched, another player in the social giant wars.)

If, as a professional marketer, I feel this way, I could only imagine that those I work with feel overwhelmed. The solution is to ask yourself Ana Lydia’s question and determine if it’s right for your objectives and in line with your strategy.

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