It was a long flight and my drooling self slept the whole way from California to NY. Actually, I was sad when the plane landed since I couldn’t finish my sleep fest.

But I’M HERE. All excitement in the air is coming from me. I always forget that all people aren’t balls of sunshine and smiling so I got some weird looks when I said “thank you” to the flight crew and smiled at the sky cap.

Whatev. They just mad they ain’t coming to my party! Lol!

Tonight, to celebrate the brands who supported eight nationally located Grand Marshals, we are holding the #NOTHINGBUTBEAUTIFUL Twitter party for Beautiful Textures @lovinmytextures and Sof’nfree @nothingbuthair. Our last Twitter party was a blast so please jump on. You can get more deets and RSVP here.


I’m feeling so alive and ready to run, yet, oh so sleepy. I haven’t bothered to jump on the train to my destination. Just sitting here, letting my phone charge and watching these gangsta airport birds fly up to people like “WHAT?!” Lol, I ain’t ever seen any stuff like that. Only in NY.

Anyway folks, see you tonight at the #nothingbutbeautiful Twitter party at 9p Est and all you NY people looking to wrap a day full of events and have a good time, I’ll see you tomorrow night at the New York Curly Hair Mixer. Last minute tix just opened at

See ya when I see ya! Peeeeace!

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