Pssst. Guess what? Remember Love & Beauty Unconference that was scheduled for June 2 Philly? And remember the Mind, Body and Business Retreat in Laguna Beach Labor Day Weekend? My split personalities, Natural Hair Parade and Ambitious Diva, got married and in an effort to consolidate event production efforts, I’ve merged the timing and location of each of those events and am NOW producing the 2012 Naturally Ambitious Weekend, August 31 to September 2, 2012 in Southern California. The weekends events include the private Mind, Body, and Business Retreat and Intensive and the business and bloggers social, Love & Beauty Unconference, adding Curls, Confidence and Community, an amazing lineup of programming, to the roster. So, what that means for you is that now when you register for Ambitious Diva Mind, Body and Business Retreat, your Love & Beauty Unconference registration will be included. I’m revamping both event pages today to reflect the new schedule and event lineup.

Because of the private nature of the first event, we are asking that those interested in attending subscribe to the Ambitious Diva mailing list for private access information to be able to purchase tickets. Registration for the Love & Beauty Unconference will remain open to the public and will be available for purchase Friday, May 25, 2012 at 10 a.m. Until then, please do the following:

1)  Sign up for the Ambitious Diva mailing list at

2)  Wait for detailed instructions to be sent via email

3)  Respond

4)  Register for Naturally Ambitious Weekend including Mind, Body and Business Retreat and Love & Beauty Unconference

5)  Pack your bikini, a sexy dress, some pearls and chunky stiletto, and your laptop/iPad

6)  Check Travelocity for tix and pop up in California for the ultimate Naturally Ambitious Weekend

Check out the events and details for the two 2012 Naturally Ambitious Weekend events below

REMEMBER: Register for mailing list at to receive special instructions for Mind, Body and Business Retreat.

It’s feeling so lovely in California right now that I can’t WAIT for 2012 Naturally Ambitious Weekend!