Last week on Things Women Do For Beauty we saw a burnt Caucasian lady addicted to tanning. In this weeks edition, we have a woman who got butt injections at what’s called a plumping party where I suppose you get goop pushed up your butt cheeks to achieve the infamous Atlanta booty. This woman, is now a multiple amputee, meaning, she has no legs or arms as a result of infections she got after getting this foolishness.

However, we’re inspired by her positive spirit and according to, she plans to become a motivational speaker. It’s my hope she not only talks about enduring such a horrible loss, but also how being compelled to undergo drastic procedures to enhance beauty can prove futile.

I’m not particularly a fan of any medical beauty enhancements. I’m afraid, first of all and two, according to statistics, those who do have them (don’t quote me, I’m referring to a study some years back that sited those getting implants were at high risk for suicide) suffer from other emotional disorders. I’m not saying you’re crazy if you do choose to have procedures done, but definitely, as a precaution, work on whatever is leading you to do this as a surface “I just want a big booty” may not be the issue.


Photo credit:, courtesy of NBC, LA

I’d like to think that like creation is has a plethora of beauty and humans are yet another amazing variety. No booty, big booty, little boobs, big boobs, flat stomach, big stomach, it’s beautiful. I’m not simply saying that. I look at it this way, does that joint WORK? Then it’s beautiful. If your butt isn’t cancerous and rotting off of your body, LEAVE THAT MESS AS IT IS.

Attracting booty hungry men should not be a priority and while most will say it’s about them or looking better in their clothes, please, you’re trying to attract someone. Look your best as you are and primping will do wonders to enhance. But please don’t go in some back room in the club to get your booty hiked up by some random person. Sidebar: And we thought genital mutilation or breast ironing was vile and abusive. Yet, here in America, we’re signing up for another type of mutilation? Hmm, okay.

I can’t say, I don’t judge, because it’s natural that I do. I’ll try not to give side eyes if I’ve heard you were considering some type of bathroom medical procedure. However, as a forewarning, DO NOT DO IT!

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