Kizzy James is a sweet soul. One day she messaged me on Facebook asking if she could post about her product line, Desirable Essence, in the Natural Hair Parade FB group.
I didn’t know then that we’d become friends.

It was just a few days later that I would post about my Los Angeles spa party and the need for bath and body product sponsors. Kizzy eagerly offered to support the event. I offered to design her logo in return after seeing the beautiful colors in her existing label and wanting to bring them out more.


Kizzy worked hard to mix up her body scrub and package the sweet smelling mixture into small glass jars tied with ribbon. However, it was just before the event and there was no time for shipping. How would she get the product to me?

Late in the night, about midnight, I got a call telling me Kizzy and her fabulous husband were outside at the gate with the box of products for the spa party. When I went out to meet them, the were standing in the rain patiently waiting for me.

I was floored and almost moved to tears. This woman and her husband traveled for over an hour in a big rig, hence the reason they couldn’t drive through the gate to get me the product. Then her husband walked to my house carrying the very heavy box. I walked them back out to the gate, graciously thanking them both for their efforts and willingness to support my event in this way.

As they left, the husband explained that he was heading immediately out to Vegas for a delivery. So amidst his busy driving schedule, he, devoted to his wife’s business and an opportunity to get her product out, drove the opposite direction of where he needed to go in order to make this whole thing come together.

For this, I’m grateful. When I walked back to my house, I actually did start to cry a bit because it’s not every day you meet people who will do something for you and especially who would go through a lot of trouble to do so. Kizzy and her husband are the best and showed me that there are good people in the world and also ones passionate about their business.

It is my hope that you can return the favor to Kizzy and Desirable Essence by the visiting her store at and making a purchase of her body scrub. It smells delightful and you’ll love the packaging.

Whether or not there is a n immediate payback, please do good to other people. Also, invest time , energy and resources to building your business and dreams. Your goodness and hard work will pay off and most importantly, you prove to be a blessing to other people.