Thank you goes a long way. However, it’s been a long time since you’ve heard it from those who you serve the most.

It’s hard to remain motivated when you’re doing things that others consider “your job”, even if technically it isn’t. Or, on your actual job, or in your role as parent, wife, sister or daughter, you do more than your share and aren’t getting the appreciation you feel you deserve. How do you deal?

Everyone will have their own answer. However, what’s worked for me hasn’t been to completely dry up my benevolence or stop working. It’s been particularly helpful to create limits and boundaries for what you do for those who don’t understand the value of your work.

What this looks like is helping those who really need it and who will appreciate it, doing what you must, and not a bit over that for those who don’t. It shocks the bejewels out of folks.

Your time and energy is very valuable and should be allocated to pursuits that bring you personal fulfillment. As a wife and mother or beloved relative, there are duties that you have to fulfill because you signed up to do it or are born into it. Still, within those responsibilities, you can do much to make sure you’re not giving until you’re broken, exhausted and at the verge of a breakdown. It usually is as simple as saying, “No.”

Occasionally, you may have to find fulfillment in knowing that you’re doing good because of your values and accountability to a higher power. Knowing that you’re “doing the right thing” could nurture the feeling that what you do matters, regardless of what others do or how they respond. It may even be necessary to send yourself that bouquet of roses for a job well done.

It’s a thankless world out there but there still is work out there and somebody has to do it. If you’re that person, set boundaries, find fulfillment in other ways, and reap the benefits of knowing that what you do is a valuable service to the world.


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