Breaking up and getting back together is like eating regurgitated food. It didn’t go down right the first time so it’s gonna be nasty and acidic trying to do it again. Buuut, we love him so we go back.

I won’t chew your head off for doing so because I’m super emotional and have made some bad decisions in dating too. The unavoidable but horrid “I miss him” pulls us back into situations that we dealt with the right way the first time around.

According to my breakup bible It’s Called A Breakup Because It’s Broken, a good “hetox” can do much to clear our heads before making any decisions to consider going back. However, the two-month hetox purpose is not designed for figuring out whether to go back.

Many times, as the book frankly reminds us lovesick ladies, when we start pining for the past, we’re remembering good times or even fantasies of what we would have wished for a relationship to one day be. Breakups happen because two people exist on two separate chapters of a book with alternate endings. We want one thing, him, another.

Of course, breakups happen for different reasons so there are no hard and fast rules. I certainly am in no position to tell you what you should decide. Just be sure to give yourself time for clarity so you make a well informed decision based on rational thinking.

Breakup to make up. That’s what we might NOT do. Weigh it out. You don’t want to chew on old, stank food.

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