As women, we wear many hats and multi-task. We may be a Jill of al trades and master of none when in comes to all the weighty responsibilities we have. This is especially true if you own your own business.

The challenge here comes many times from not having the resources to outsource to vendors or to hire staff to help you manage everything that comes with being your own boss. There’s legally setting up the business, marketing the business, creating a sustainable structure for your business, managing inventory, building a buzz, invoicing, shipping and keeping everything organized in the process. At times, things may build up so high that it feels like it’s all going to come crashing down.

So, with new years, new seasons and new beginnings, Spring has been the designated time to start anew. However, getting rid of stuff and moving things around in a way that it works for you may be overwhelming. Then, it may be time to call for help.

This Wednesday in Los Angeles, The Entrepreneur Connection is presenting The Biz Panel: Spring Clean Your Business. This resource rich workshop will take your mess and stress and turn it into structure, freedom and profits. Sounds good, huh?

Here’s the program, panels, and benefits of going:

·  Monetizing in different ways

·  Trying new marketing and social media strategies

·  Putting better systems and organizational procedures into place

·  Amping up your PR

·  Getting your legal life in order

The Biz Panel:

Susan Baker, the Escape Hatcher, helps solopreneurs utilize the five most common types of monetization to expand their money making potential and simple strategies for assuring implementation.

Rebecca Quinn, MA Organizational Management, works with struggling business  owners, just starting out or established, to get more customers, get rid of  overwhelm and make more income. As a small business specialist, she creates  simple systems to run the business plus marketing & social media to stand out &  get found online and off.

A long career in showbiz as a TV executive gave Lizzy Shaw the perfect  springboard into PR. In addition to Fashion, Beauty, Home & Lifestyle PR, Shaw  launched the hit “Ask Lizzy” group coaching teleseminar series, as well as a PR 101  course and hourly consulting/coaching packages that help entrepreneurs, service  providers and small businesses successfully launch their own PR/Marketing campaigns. LSPR also offers reinvention/rejuvenation/repositioning consulting for service providers and entrepreneurs, as well as media training and product/business naming.

Alaia Williams works with business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to  grow their businesses. Alaia digs deep with her clients to understand the nature of  their business and where they want to go. Her company, One Organized Business,  specializes in small business systems, processes, and organizing. Providing custom  solutions for each client’s needs, Alaia helps her client’s businesses become more organized, efficient, and effective so that they can thrive.

Special Guest:

Linda Wang is a startup attorney with a focus on intellectual property law. Prior to founding Cambrian Law, she honed her legal skills as the Head of Legal at DocRun, a Santa Monica based legal tech startup, where she managed a team of transactional attorneys. Linda also worked in the intellectual property and business transactions group at the prestigious Thompson Hine LLP. While clerking at Shanghai People’s Intermediary Court, Linda got first-hand experience in international business law.

So get ready to pull out your wallets and pay a million bucks for this AMAZING event! Oh, wait, it’s only $20! If you’re anywhere near Los Angeles, please do your business and life a favor and come out. It’s full of practical help to build your business, includes networking and food, yet even dinner costs less than this!  Please come out and clean up your biz and watch your cash flow fill up the place where there was once mess.

Buddha’s Belly
7475 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 7:00 PM (PT)