Late last fall, I made a cross country move to New York. There were boxes upon boxes of things that needed to be sent and boxes upon boxes of things like paper, decorations, jewelry, clothes, and shoes that I had to give away or throw out. It was an opportunity to get rid of the old and start of fresh with the new.

I left California with two huge bags and was to send for the rest–six giant seemingly 200 lb boxes that lay in the bare living room. What was in all my luggage and all those boxes?

Did I tell you that I’m a certified shopaholic and clothing and accessory freak? Yep. I may need hospitalization and Dr. Drew. There is one thing everybody compliments me on and it pretty much sums up what you’ll read about on my eulogy and it’s what threw up all over the place when I unpacked everything: My accessories.

Thank God for Virgin Airlines for its 70 lb baggage limit and their not-so-bad overage fees. When I finally arrived at my new home and began unleashing what I’d nearly broken my back and wrist over, I had to ask my landlord for hangers and to show me to the nearest HomeGoods where I could buy a dresser to put all this stuff.

Me and my bold accessories

I had hats, scarves that I wore around my neck and that doubled as headwraps, belts, a bucket of jewelry, and my beloved collection of Springcart purses. I mean, who would move to the East Coast, especially during winter, and NOT want to look absolutely positively stunningly fabulous? Not me! That’s not to mention that I have this secret desire to be able to change coats and shoes just like I change my underwear. My entire game had to be right. Shooooot…Those brothas on the East Coast be lookin’ right, yo!

Ironically, the same day that I bought my dresser, I bought five new hats, three scarves, and more STUFF. *lol* I’m powerless in the wake of accessories. When I see them, my knees buckle. When I envision myself all decked out in them, coordinating with my wardrobe, and being instantly upgraded by the combinations I make with them, odd sensations come over me. I feel shortness of breath and so I gasp for air. I quiver and my debit card shakes in my sweaty palms. I have to keep myself from disturbing other customers with exhalations and screams of ecstasy. This is what we’ll call The Accessorygasm.

Guys, do you want to please me? Buy me a bottle of orange juice and a gift card to Claire’s. You just might be able to duplicate the above mentioned phenomenon.

Ladies, I know you know what I’m tambout. There is nothing in the world like accessories. What would fashion be without them? I’ll answer that–simply clothes.

The Headwraps n’ Earrings feature will be all about accessories. I will introduce you to folks around town that I’ve found with amazing taste in them, interview product lines that bring about said Accessorygasms, share fashion finds, and even show you accessories that I’ve made (yeah, I dabble in sewing and jewelry making). Of course, I’d love to see what you have in your closet, jewelry box, or carry so shoot me a note via Twitter @jasminepowers so I can see what you have and get overly excited and pass out.

Check back next Friday to hear from my favorite new climax inducing jewelry line, Zuri Earthly Designs! Cheers to fashion addiction! *raises glass*

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