Tuesday morning, I woke up early, trying not to miss my call with B. Michelle Pippin. I did that wake up every hour on the hour thing, eagerly awaiting to hear from her. At the time of our scheduled call, to which I called in a few minutes early, she asked, “So what do you want to talk about today?” My reply, “I’m ready to give up.”

Like an understanding mom, Michelle listened and validated my reasons for wanting to throw in the towel. But she didn’t let me.

Sometimes we all need fresh perspectives on how we should do things in our lives in order to have the optimum existence. Michelle offered a few and as she’d coached before, there are some things that I DO need to let go. And it’s not a bad thing

Every week in Ambitious Diva, we talk about things that we call our Sexy Sacrifice. Sexy Sacrifices are things that we need to let go of or get rid of in order to reach out ultimate goals. Sometimes those are people, feelings, expenses, foods, or in the case of one Diva, pets. If we view them as sexy, we won’t feel like giving up on something or letting go of it is so bad. Getting where we want to go is worth the sacrifice.

In the end, Michelle just confirmed for me that what I need to quit is actually the old way of doing things. Feeling tired, taken advantage of, and not profiting financially as I’d like to be, I have to stop giving stuff away. I also have to create irresistible offerings that people will clamor for. Lastly, I have to get focused and not feel like superwoman, able to do everything and doing none of them really well.

It’s time to call it quits on volunteer Jasmine, except when there is a direct benefit to my business. It’s time to call it quits on being depressed in bed worrying about my financial future. It’s time to call it quits on anything that is sapping me of energy needed to catapult me toward my shining gold medal.

And it may be time for you too. Make that assessment and decide when it’s time to let go and do it. For the sake of your emotional, physical, spiritual and financial well-being, some things may need to be simplified and sacrificed. If you see those things and yet have an emotional attachment to them, make the initial goal to detach. Then, let it go. Good riddance. I don’t want cha, I don’t want cha, I don’t want cha NO MO!

Let. It. Go.

Until next time divas…