You’ve got mail and it has a bright orange label plastered with KLOUT PERKS! Oh happy day! *rocks back and forth like Stevie Wonder*

It’s been a great week in Kloutville for me. I stay on Klout, a platform that measures your influence on social media, and monitor my topics, give +K (the equivalent of giving friends on social media dap), and sign up for the perks that Klout thinks I should get because I’m influential in certain topics.

A little birdie told them (yeah, the Twitter bird) that I was influential in beauty, so I got some cool new things to try from Neutrogena and Jason. Now, I don’t know how much of this Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair with retinol aging stuff I’ll be needing but I’ll put it on my knee caps and if it makes them not look like cracked desert, then I’ll recommend it to my AARP buddies. Jason, a natural hair care line that I’d wanted to try just so happened to sponsor a Klout Perk and I got my bottle of Pure Natural Shampoo today. I can’t wait to try it and report back on how well it works for my ashy looking hair.

If you’re a blogger, Twitter freak, Facebook addict, Googe + Hangout-er, Tumbling devil, LastFM’r, or use any of the more popular new media tools, then you should sign up for Klout. It’s free and it’s a good way to track the impact of your online brand (yeah, social media is serious business, friends).

Great news from Klout: After I sent the following message via their Facebook page (new capability with Facebook timelines so I hit up evvvvery brand asking them stuff because I’m the customer service police and consumer advocacy president of the United States – CAPUS, suckas), “Will Klout ever recognize more than one of each type of social account? I have four Twitter accounts, my FB account, three business pages and the list goes on. I think that certainly should affect my overall influence online. Please let me know if there are plans to have additional integrations to allow for this. Oh, just a thought, a Klout credit card. Why not? If we’re measuring influence, might as well be able to get reward points for having great Klout!” they replied with, “Yes, we are looking into features like this in the future. And thanks for the feedback on the credit card. We recently ran a campaign with Capital One that provided you with greater rewards points depending on your Klout Score, but we no longer offer this campaign. Be on the look out for things simliar in the future.” To that, I replied (well, not really), “BOooyah! Yeeeeeah boooiii!!!” I was very happy to hear that news because Klout is currently limited to one Twitter account and only your Facebook profile and so it’s only tracking a small percentage of my activity and influence online.

What’s the value of Klout, outside of Perks? Jobs, especially those within social media and PR, are recruiting based on Klout scores. Some hotels provide upgrades to uberinfluential folks. So Klout, while some consider it unfair, can impact how well you’re treated outside of the online world.

Right now, after the Klout algorithm changed and messed me and everybody else up, is steady at 66 out of 100. Not bad though I want to go after Darren Rowse of Problogger‘s crown, lol.

If you’re in love with beauty or anything else and talk about it online, definitely make Klout a part of your online metrics and free stuff providers. I know I got a Macy’s Gift Card, food, beta access to new social tools, DVD’s and a butt load of other stuff. Now, I’ll be enjoying my Neutrogena old face preventer and Jason natural goodness shampoo.

Til next time, check them Perks!

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