Makeup and I have been good friends for a long time. Mom became a Mary Kay consultant in my early teens and I can remember tearing through her orders snatching out samples and products for myself before she could even begin promoting them to her customers.

Makeup is exciting to me. I’ve been able to transform myself and others with it, even being mistaken for a new girl in front of old guy friends. Its fun, colorful, and all a part of accessorizing.

But how on earth do you DO makeup? Eeeks…There are so many rules on what’s in, hot and not, but the basics of application are pretty simple and straightforward.

Yet, you can always get a little help. My favorite book purchase, of all those I have in beauty and makeup is world famous makeup artist Kevin Aucion’s Making Faces.


If you know nothing about how ti apply makeup or if you know the basics and want some professional tips, this book is perfect. I remember being amazed at this thing called a foundation brush and translucent powder. I’d never heard of either until reading it in the book and I hit up Rite Aid with the quickness to get both. Changed my life!

Beauty is everyone’s goal, so read what you can, practice what you learn from the experts and most importantly be gorgeous on the inside so it’ll pop on the outside.

Have a sunshiney prissy day!