It’s eight minutes until Monday, but I can’t go to bed without posting something bout love for you to ponder. Have any of you ever lost someone you loved very dearly to death?

Folks shy away from discussing death because it’s hard to deal with and the emotions associated with it are so overwhelming sometimes that folks automatically view the subject as a downer. But it’s a real deal thing that happens to us every day.

Some of us cope with it better than others.

In either case, sometimes the person we love romantically is lost tragically. Mom told me the other day that my aunts fiance was killed in a traffic accident decades ago. By the take token, my mom and my grandmother lost their husbands. Last year, my best friend died, leaving behind a husband and little girl.

Death is very real and it can happen at any time to any one. It could happen to you. With that in mind, how are you conducting yourself with those around you? Do you mistreat them as if they’ll always be there or as if they were not valuable as a person? Or, instead, while you make mistakes and may fuss and argue at times, is it clear to the other person that you love them and cherish their importance in your life.

Just a little something to think about. Improve where you can. You never know when that enemy death will hit and it’s best for you to give out your roses now, when your loved one can really appreciate it.

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