“Ok, no, wait? They been gluin’ my steak with Elmer’s???” Not exactly, but according to reports, fancy smancy restaurant goers have been eating expensive “cuts” of remnants worthy of disposal fused together with a meat adhesive.

Immediately, I wanted to say, “Well, I don’t have a filet mignon appetite. Taco Bell and homemade steak and store bought beef patties is more up my alley.” Annnd, you’re NOT safe. The meat adhesive that cause consumer health concerns isn’t the only problem. Apparently they are serving up “slime” on the platter, using pellets that turn into some Monster’s, Inc. looking filler for meat.

Looks like while we’re reading labels for our hair products, we need to be aggressively pouring over U.S.D.A. labels and hounding wait staff to figure out the crap they’re serving us.