I’m mad that I just learned THIS week about this video where my girls Felicia Leatherwood and Dr. Kari Williams speak on this length checking (I ain’t EVAH heard of that mess until folks were natural. I guess relaxers made folks cool with length *shrugs*). To each his/her own, but I do think that Felicia and Kari make VERY valid points and give you things that make you hmmmm.

Why do we do the things we do, especially as it relates to beauty? Because someone told us to? Because there’s some standard we’re looking to meet? Each person must answer that for themselves. You know how I do my length checks, by the hair that I shave off in the sink, lol. I’m like ooh, my hair WAS 1 cm. lolol

Thank Dr. Kari Williams for shouting out her participation in the January dinner party where she was to speak. *pokes bottom lip out* We’ll do a big shabangbang in the fall/winter when folks are in the dinner partying spirit.

Until next time, stop with the length checks so Felicia and Kari don’t CHIN check ya!

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