In the midst of promoting the spa party, the #ownyourbotanicals Twitter party and the NY Coed Curly Hair Mixer, eeks, I forgot that the most super duper major event that Natural Hair Parade has ever been involved in is coming to Philadelphia June 2, 2013.

Love & Beauty Unconference is a business and social event for bloggers, entrepreneurs and the upwardly mobile and focuses on fashion, beauty, relationships and now, career. It’s all sexy, right? Hence our theme is Upgrade Your Sexy.

Amongst other things, the unique voice we’ll hear is from natural hair bloggers and authors. We need their voice, specifically about how they are disseminating valuable information for our community online, how they are navigating love and relationships and how natural living will, in fact, upgrade your sexy.

The full line up of panels and UBERBOMBNESS speakers and panelist is available at Be sure to sign up to the newsletter because we’re going to announce some money making opportunities for Love & Beauty Unconference party people and keep you update on the conference goings on.

Starting today and continuing to the event, we’ll be adding relationship posts to Natural Hair Parade. Daily, we’ll write about beauty as usual but let’s add love to the mix. You get it — love and beauty. This special series posts will be labeled Love & Beauty Umconference: and will have unique titles and discussion worthy opinions about love and beauty.

In keeping with the format of the event, we ENCOURAGE you to talk back. I mean, if you agree Let the church say Amen and if you don’t holla, “Sitcho self down child”. We want to hear your opinions on this because a healthy dialogue helps everyone understand each other better. Hey, half of what I have to say about love may make you say, “She’s buggin’,” but this is precisely the feel the conference will have — healthy dialogue about what’s on our minds.

On that note, let’s get to talkin’ ’bout it!