You know me. I’m a fan of barbering and so for the longest, I didn’t really care for learning to manage my natural hair because I didn’t have much of any. Now, I’ve allowed it to grow a bit, and though I have access to gobs of products designed to promote health and growth of my hair, I eye ball my Andis clippers like a feign.

I remember when I first started cutting my hair, I was in middle school and it was the TLC era. The cutting of my hair with shears was easy. Now, the tapering of the back with my $20 Wahl clippers was another story.

While doing the acrobatic contortion to cut my hair down at the nape of my neck, and it happened. Guess who didn’t know that I shouldn’t freehand on the first try…and without a guard. The next day at school would be humiliating as I was the one girl who had the wayyyy high neck line. My hair started at my ear–bald nape and then a bowl cut. Lordhavemercy! Why my mama made me go to school looking like that??? Lolol

The good thing is I never stopped and cut my hair and others hair up through middle and high school, on through beauty school and still handle my own and moms today.


After getting my hair barber cut a few times by a barber with legal issues–they kept having court dates when I needed my joint cut, I decided, “I’m doing this stuff myself. Can’t rely of flaky stylists and barbers, shooooot *rolling eyes and poked out mouf*”

So I grabbed the Andis, with the guards this time, and handled it. I even added the little design that you see pictured above. Since that day, and after receiving so many compliments, I decided, I’ll hook myself up on the barber side. It save money and if I mess myself up, I can’t be mad.

Once I figure out how to edit this 27 minute tutorial on cutting a Mohawk, I’ll upload it. Until then, what experimental hair cutting stories do you have? Trim go wrong? Let me know and you’ll have chance to be featured in an upcoming post.

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