OMG, only a few days to the BIGGEST day in Natural Hair Parade’s short history! We’ve unofficially launched the Grand Marshal program, a brand ambassador, ad, affiliate, and distributor network, for those passionate about meetups, products, and making money.

May 19, 2912  is the official date chosen by founder Adeea Rogers of National Natural Hair Meetup Day sponsored by Hair Rules, to be a celebration of the mighty meetup. Meetups, both offline and online, are a foundation of the natural hair community. Through them, vital information on haircare, health and nutrition and empowerment is disseminated. Sisterhood is nurtured and beauty is born.

The celebration, as Rogers explains, “The purpose behind NNMHD is to give people the opportunity to have a meetup experience and to create community locally and nationally without traveling. It had been a major pilgrimage for some to attend a natural hair event. With NNHMD, we are trying to create that sense of the community and expose companies to smaller and very vibrant markets.”

Guess what? That’s precisely what Natural Hair Parade was developed to do. So we eagerly wanted to support NNHMD how we could. What we’ve been able to do is support Grand Marshals who are also throwing NNHMD events with products from Natural Hair Parade partners!!! That’s 400 bags going out with full size goodies from both Sofn’free and Beautiful Textures! If you don’t know about those brands, please try their products. I’ll be doing detailed write up about their lines up until the day of the event so you can be just as addicted to their lines as I am.

This is in conjunction with Natural Hair Parade’s Coed Curly Hair Mixer sponsored by Sofnfree and hosted by Daily of, being held in Brooklyn at Beso Restaurant as an afterparty to another great event (shhh, see below).

Also happening on May 19th, Natural Hair Parade partner, Amazing Botanicals, is holding their grand opening for their Pop Up Salon, right in the heart of Brooklyn. Amazing Botanicals, a line created for those who are fans of healthy hair and healthy ingredients, has jumped on board as supporters of Natural Hair Parades Grand Marshal initiative. In turn, Natural Hair Parade will work feverishly to promote the Amazing Botanical line, especially through our network.

Even more exciting, Own Your Naturals is doing a St. Louis event on May 19th and producing a mega event for all the naturals in the midwest. An event production maven, Alyssa Haskins, preceeded Natural Hair Parade in producing engaging events for the natural hair community. To keep the fantastic events going, Alyssa and Own Your Natural will be producing a June 17 Industry Island Cruise in NY fit for natural kings and queens. Plan now to be there and lock in your space today.

And to celebrate it all! FRIDAY, we’re having a #OWNYOURBOTANICALS Twitter Party, hosted by Natural Hair Parade and sponsored by Amazing Botanicals and Own Your Natural. We have Giveways from our sponsors and partners, laughter and a whole ball of fun so jump online at 9 p.m. eastern and use #ownyourbotanicals to join the convo and follow the thread. All are invited to attend so RSVP at for all updates.

Too much fun??! I know. I’m overwhelmed with excitement! I can’t sleep (But I shollll can eat – Sidebar: I don’t know about folks who say they are so *fill in the blank* that they can’t eat. Shooooot! Not me. I’m eatin’!).

Today, we’re starting our promo and festivities so start tweeting @paradeevents @lovinmytextures @sofnfree and all our partners about May 19th and the fun that we’re about to have.

See you online!!


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