Well, well, well. You may’ve had a bad hair day….orrrr….you just love head wraps.

Ooooh, I love your earrings. Where’d you get those.

Yeah, this is my life. Ever since I was in the seventh grade, I rocked head wraps (my mom rode for Huey P. Newton – Google him) and dashiki’s. Speaking of mom, she also had AMAZING jewelry and since I can remember I was in her numerous jewelry box…and closet, coincidentally misplacing her jewelry and accessories in MY room.

So, I love any and everything about accessories. Everything from hats, hair pins, banana clips, belts, scarves and of course, my favorite head wraps and earrings.

So to introduce to you my blog feature, originated at ThaHotness.com, Head Wraps n’ Earrings, here is what make me squeal. Follow this guide and wrap it up. Next week, I’ll bring you more accessorizing loveliness.

What do you love about accessories? How do you jazz (no pun intended – well, yes it is, Jazz, Jasmine…get it? Okay, I know that was corny) up your wardrobe with head wraps n’ earring?? Do tell and share links to your pix.