Honestly, I wouldn’t put call myself a product junkie, but since launching Natural Hair Parade, I’ve gotten to try some amazing products.

In my studies (tee hee hee!) I found that only three do the trick. I have the most non porous hair ever so not everything absorbs or works for me, but these beat my hair into submission and leave it looking (and smelling) like a million bucks.

What are they?

3. Go Natural Caribe, Shea Toronja – Creme Dulce. Hailing all the way from sunny Dominican Republic, Go Natural Carib is created for the beautiful hair of naturals in the region. Their products, and especially the Shea Toronja, look edible. Of course, I asked owner Pat Natural if I could eat the product. Surprisingly, she said because of the natural ingredients, I could, though she didn’t suggest I invest the product. When I got the Shea Toronja, you know my crazy behind sholl did taste it (don’t try this at home kids) and it wasn’t bad at all. As for how it did on my hair – great. It works perfect as a sealant and I’ve applied it to my wet hair and let it air dry. I’ve also used it when pressing the hawk (also done when hair had air dried and was still slightly damp) and to pincurl my hair. Favorite use: As a body butter. Ya girl gets ashy.

2. Amazing Botanicals, Pumpkin Pomade. This nutty pomade melts as soon as you scoop a little in your palm. As I did with the Shea Toronja, I applied to wet hair as a sealant and let it air dry. The same day that I pressed my hair using the Shea Toronja, which I used in the back section because the consistency seemed thicker, I pressed the front using A.B.’s Pumpkin Pomade. Both yielded great results but I’ve since decided that the Pomade works better to hold flyaways in my mohawk especially since I’m used to the hold of something like T.G. Redhead’s Stick For Cool People (used in my pre-natural hair days). So basically, I like the Pomade. Favorite use: To control flyaway on my straightened frohawk, especially when used with Shea Moisture’s Hold and Shine spray.

1. Jane Carter Solution, Nourish & Shine. The Holy Grail of all hair butters. The last of the mohicans (sp? You know this ain’t in my phone’s dictionary). The 10th world wonder. Yes, I was introduced to Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine back in 07 by a Stylist in Brookyn who did my hair in the kitchen while her bad behind dog was jumping on me. The irritating dog jumping was cancelled out by what Nourish and Shine did to my then relaxed and shortly cropped Halle Berry-esque do. Now au naturale, this light, non greasy formula gets all ate up by my hungry hair. I use it on wet or dry hair and you know I rubs it allll oval my booody! Lol. Favorite use: As an everything for all my hair and ashy leg needs.

Do you have a butter you’d like to recommend? Let me know about it below.