Yeah, yeah, that’s me. Although I’d envisioned my Essence debut to be a featured article about how I serendipitously took over the world with a gracious flick of the wand, I’ll settle for this. It’s a shot snapped at Dr. Kari Williams and Nicole of Hair Liberty’s All Things Natural Seminar which was an absolutely fabulous event. If you see Dr. Kari or Nicole coming to your hood, do make the investment and snap up those tickets. It was the most informative and scientifically on point natural hair event I’ve been too. I love them so!

This is another great shot from the event. If you click on it, it will take you to the entire All Things Natural Seminar photo album. Oh, and before I forget. Do you know they had macaroni and cheese as an hors d’oeuvres (sp?). Chilllle, Dr. Kari ‘nem know what they was doing!!! I musta ate about 5 of them scoops. I stood by the door to snatch them when the waiter would first come in!! #fatgirl strategy!! lol

Do follow @drkariwilliams and @hairliberty online and see what other fab events they have planned!

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