Well, I have this way of stumbling across the coolest people online. Either in following threads and RT’s on Twitter or seeing what’s going in the world on blogs. This is how I found Safari Black. Let me introduce you.


Me: Safari Black, greetings, agape, peace and all that lovely goodness. Thank you for taking some time to tell us more about you and your music. We wanna know! First off, who is Safari Black?

Safari Black

He: Peace peace peace! , Safari-black is A B-Boy , Safari-black is a Black Intellectual , I am an artist in several realms . I first and foremost am an M.C. . I am a Vegan Chef and vegan Activist . I am A sun . I am A Father . I am a Humanist… Was born In the Midwest , Lived in Harlem , Bronx and have traveled all over the place.

Me: I got a chance to listen to your latest mix tape, tell our readers the title, its inspiration, and why they should check it out?

He: Well i fell there are few MIXTAPES that are truely mixtapes , this project is really mixed from a engineering perspective and from a DJ perspective . The term mixtape has become such a loosely used term. Its not album throw aways,a compilation or a free album tracked like a regular cd . It is a body of work from a span of about three years. This trait about it is why i feel it should be checked out as there is a broad range in the sound as there where 7 different producers i worked with on it.

Me: Word, it was definitely worth a listen. I’m the kind of person that gets stuck on something and can’t get over it so I ended going back and downloading it for my midnight mania’s when I’m feeling inspired to work or write. Is there any artist that you listen to in order to get pumped up, I mean, other than yourself?

He: Thank you glad you took the time to listen I appreciate that. I don’t create from listening to music really . My inspirations is more about sensory stimulations period. I could go to a foreign restaurant with really rich smells and be inspired to right a story piece about a potter in tunisia . I could look at a textile book of material or flip thru color books . It may sound a bit strange but i don’t really look to other artist to create and paint on my on canvas . I want it to be organic and completely me.

Me: Cool. I also follow you on Twitter and Tumblr, and you’re always dropping knowledge. May I ask your belief system and tell us more about it. We’re actually going to do a little piece on the blog called “What do you believe?” simply to expose others to beliefs other than their own. Tell us more about Prana’s, and spirit and some of the information you were spitting on Twitter.

He: Well prana (PRANAYAMA) is one of the many words for LIFE FORCE its the same as saying [CHI] , [ka] , different words have been used over the ages . I definitely believe there is a spirit realm. I have too many life experiences not to. Spirit is energy , western medicine teaches that they are separate . In ancient african medicine they were all treated as co-partners , meaning our mind soul and body are connected. Belief systems are things people fight kill and debate over . Blood blood blood… I hardly ever engage in that convo. Its always tragic and keeps us all in boxes and separated as a people. i wrote a song the other day about a Muslim Girl and A Christian Boy that fell in love . It will bring about a lot of debate but the bigger question of “How can you contain pure genuine love to social norms , culture and customs “ Love is revolutionary…

Me: You also said something that I REALLY liked regarding men learning from their daughters and how you are always learning from yours. Everybody knows that the reason I’m as into art is because of my dads painting and photography. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your daughter and the biggest lesson that you want to pass on to her?

He: The thing a parent learns from a parent is that children usually cut thru all red tape and coverings. They ask Valid questions and are as intelligent at birth as when they become adults. I learn that they are always absorbing information they are far more aware than given credit. I think the average adult is about 5 years behind what they think there child is aware of concerning this world we live in. Children and Little girls especially are geniuses.

Me: How many albums do you have available? What are the titles and where can we find them?

He: Well two where hard copy only and out of print , “THE BUTTER MUSIC GROCERY “ , “NATIONAL GEOGRAFFIX” and the current project ‘THE ART OF LOVE MIXTAPE’ is available on www.safari-black.bandcamp.com/ . My next project is called THE 12TH PLANET : Journey To Nibiru { which is a sci fi based album in which i am an Alien sent to the earth to bring a Form of Love that has never existed on the planet } the first single is entitled “ INTERNATIONAL “ and will come out in late February early March followed by the full length shortly after. I have a group/project with an artist Named JALIN ROZE called { THE AFRICAN BOYS RUGBY CLUB } That will come out later this summer/year . I have a dietary project called “ The Vegan Ep “ geared towards dietary awareness and marketed to those interested and living that lifestyle. I am also tentatively scheduled to spend time in hawaii , if that happens as planned i will be working on a project there Called “ Hawaiian Nights “

One Cold Brotha

Me: Also, from Tumblr, we know that you don’t just perform music and that you’re very much involved in art and design. Tell us more about your others projects like RECAP and any others you’re working on?

He: Well i am currently the media Director / Distrinution Mgr. & Consultant for HTP – @HONEYTPOT Which is ran by Giselle (GZA) J. and Bree  T. (BGK) the Founding ceo’s. The company manufactures t-Shirts and sweatshirts inspired by Hip Hop production/ Equipment and Vintage Instruments. They also design and manufacture womans Ethnic Inspired Bangle Earrings and Bracelets and t-shirts. There will be a SAFARI-BLACK -X- HTP Earring Release very soon . The textiles used are crazy and embrace the cultures of Original Woman across the planet. I used to be in to antique restoration , alot of people have no idea i always from a very young age had interest in taking things older and placing them in an environment with the new. Im currently designing my own tour Merch. The first shirt will be the [SB-SAFARI-BLACK] shirt .

Me: Any other things we should know about you, projects to look out for, or dates to mark on our calendars? We love to support our own!

He: Just book mark www.safari-black.bandcamp.com/ Look for the launch of www.safariblack.com , hit up the Safari-black fan page on FB . Follow my twitter – @safari_blk & My tumblr is http://safari-black.tumblr.com/ Googling SAFARI-BLACK or following these pages will keep you in the loop. Mark Your Calenders for the first Video shot by Cinematographer : Mikey Bouchereau Called “International” Produced by : THe grand Ear a.k.a Gee-Man from Pittsburgh

Me: Thank you SO much for your time. It was a pleasure!

Safari Black

He: You are very welcome Ms. , I truly appreciate your time and interest … Bless Your Steps!!!




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