Donald Trump seems to frequently be in the news, most recently because of his antics related to POTUS. Before that, however, everything related to Donald Trump related to his wealth and his success as a real estate developer. As an author, speaker and creator of an empire, he is sought after to share his success secrets.

Now I’ll be the first to say, I rarely paid attention to The Donald or The Apprentice. I certainly hadn’t checked for him when looking for business advice. However, in searching for business, sales and management books, I came upon Trump’s popular How To Get Rich. I reluctantly opened the title but after reading the first few pages, I was nothing short of inspired.

One chapter really impressed me. In it, Trump talks about finding balance and being grounded. He primarily finds this balance by waking at 5 a.m. and reading for three hours. He reads the paper, philosophy, biographies and self-help titles. Go figure!

Now I read a lot but not three hours daily. Most times it’s about half an hour to an hour and it’s the Bible, related study material, business blogs and books, self-help, or random articles I find while streaming Twitter. If I want more success in general, why wouldn’t I read MORE.

I bet The Trump isn’t spending an average of six hours watching TV or fooling around in social media. A strategic and very brilliant man, his concerns are people, business even spirituality. He seems to carefully navigate how he spends his time and if something isn’t directly related to his growth, believe me, he ain’t doing it.

Is that how you approach life and how you spend your time? I think reading three hours a day is a fabulous key to success. It’s also therapeutic and relaxing. Well, if you’re reading the right stuff, I’ll add.

Mind your time and mind your growth. Education is key and staying abreast of what’s going on in the world (not particularly if Bieber and Gomez broke up) will help you be well rounded, help you always have something to talk about and will ultimately help you reach your goals, especially if the focus of your material is directly related to your area of interest.

I’ve thoroughly enjoy learning about Trump and how he maneuvers through life and business. I’m most impressed by his reading habit and inspired to make a goal of dedicating more time to reading daily. I have SO much to read, I could actually probably keep up with everything by making some adjustments in my schedule and by prioritizing.

How about you? How much do you read? What changes in your schedule can you make to accommodate this personal and professionally developing activity? Let me know your thoughts about this and what you’re reading. I love hearing from you.

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