So y’all know I dabbles with the yarn and thangs. I like being warm and stuff. lol *yes, I laugh at my own jokes* Anyhoo, I was going on and on one night on Twitter about crochet with @CrochetLibFront and some other artsy folks and got a new follow from @DeenandGrey. Now I don’t just follow back anybody. You gotta be selective with what you allow on your timeline, ya dig.

However, after checking the avi and the websites, I fell in strong LIKE with Deen + Grey. Kade is a master designer and crocheter of long, heavy-weighted, silky and sometimes bulky scarves that I would DIE (or maybe kill) for. Her extra long, long, long scarves (if only they’d double as head wraps) comes just in time for a long cold winter.Though she’s based on the westside, I would have loved to have her neck warmers earlier this year during Snowpocalypse. Geez Louise.

Added plus, she makes rocking jewelry with cute little pops of spectacularment (Jazzy Webster’s addition).

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