Earlier this week, I received my Oprah’s Life Class journal. It seemed a bit late, but not so. The next day, I slipped it into the pocket of a binder that I’ll call My Happy Folder. I figured unlike all all my other journals, this one is simply to plan and outline how I would get to happiness and a more fulfilled life.

Too bad Oprah’s Lifeclass wasn’t airing any more. Soooo, I was flipping through my DVR and after watching Braxton Family Values, LOOK, 16 recordings of Oprah’s Lifeclass! Small dose of happiness!!!

Episode 3 is about having faith in oneself. I’m watching now. Oprah’s own story of being told to change her name, J.K. Rowling’s holding on to her belief in her novel, Sarah Blakely persisting after many no’s to produce Spanx, and Ralph Lauren having been copied by Bloomingdale’s but differentianing his product only by the love and passion he had for it ALL serve to say girl DON’T STOP, DON’T DOUBT, BELIEVE.


Another noteworthy moment was Jim Carrey’s visualization process. He’d written a 10 million dollar check, post dated it for three years later on Thanksgiving, stuck it in his wallet and three years later was cashing more than $10M checks after Dumb and Dumber. *scribbles check for 50k and posts dates it for February 2012* Hey, I’m trying to speed up the process!

Now money doesn’t equal success or happiness but belief and faith and steadfastness equals belied, faith and steadfastness.

Oprah highlighted that it’s not what you want but what you believe. You may want to be a spiritually excellent person but.if you don’t believe that you can and will be, then you likely won’t achieve what you want. What do I believe? What do you believe?

Whatever it is, that we will attain.

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