Last year, during fall, I rolled out Operation Be Happy. Everybody suffers from the blues here or there, but now it’s more common for folks to experience long lasting severe low moods. I’m one of those people.

Now, now, don’t get your panties or drawers in a bunch from this revelation. I talk very openly about it because I’m of the belief that mental health should be our priority and should loose the stigma attached to it.

It’s very common for creative people to suffer with mood swings, anxiety or depression so my goal is to address this in the context of serving my fellow creatives that are fighting the same battle. There is nothing to feel shame about. If you’re hurting, you’re hurting.

Around this time of the year, when days are short, clouds hang ominously in the sky, and temperatures are low, a sista be about to jump off a bridge, yo. I hate winter. So to combat my feelings, I’m throwing Operation Be Happy in full effect.

What does it look like? OBH is me treating my happiness like a mission that I must accomplish. Much like boot camp, I will rise early, throw on my gear, put on that black camoflage stuff football players wear under their eyes, and get ta steppin’.

I have this list my doctor gave me “The Big List of Pleasurable Activities” and boy have I marked off some things to tackle. I’ll be doing these things and sharing my experiences here. Ya girl is about to do some crazy stuff! lol

To the pursuit of Happyness!!!!