Leimert Park is a cultural mecca, full of eccentric people from differing backgrounds, food vendors, drum players, and my favorite, jewelry makers.

About a month ago, I met the lovely, Rayna Brooks of Zuri Earthly Designs, a curator of beautiful jewelry, body butters, and smell goods.

Rayna Brooks of Zuri Earthly Designs

Check what she says about Zuri:

Zuri Earthly Designs is my baby! While looking for a name, I wanted it to be an Afrikan name; one that would reflect my heritage and my vision. I found ZURI, which means Beautifull in Swahili, and I fell in love! EARTHLY came from the fact that I use materials that are from the Earth; Semi Precious stones, Gold, Copper, shells, cotton, etc. The Most High has given us beautiful gifts and I want to display them in the most beautiful way possible. I create Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Nose Rings, Bracelets, Bags and Hair Jewelry. My creations vary in style; From the very conservative to the most Eclectic. I try to create something for everyone. I am looking to broaden my creativity so stay tuned.

Zuri fabric earrings

Later, when I asked her about her inspiration, she said:

My inspiration comes from [so] many different things. It may come from the shape of a leaf, a lamp shade, the way my noodles look on my plate. I love shapes and clean lines at the same time I love asymmetry. Sometimes when I’m driving or out and about, an idea will come to me and I will grab [anything] and draw it out. I have ripped off pieces of paper, napkins, old receipts with my ideas drawn on them. A lot of love energy goes into making [all] of my creations. I [truly] enjoy it!

She indeed is a true artist. You can find Rayna and Zuri Earthly Designs on www.zuriearthlydesigns.etsy.com.

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