Me: Hey Deja Breeezaaaay! (@dejabryson) What’s good? So happy to finally sit down with you. I LOVE, “FTW”, and I can’t wait for you to drop it. What’s the inspiration?

SHE: Thanks Jas. So glad you like the record. FTW is an anthem for living outside the box. I’m at the stage in my life where I’ve paid my dues and now it’s time to get paid and get what’s due to me.

I’m over “people” who tell me what I can and cannot do, or what I should or should not do, or what my ideals should be, or any of that. I feel like I’ve been the passenger long enough and now its time to take the driver seat.

ME: Cool, cool. So have you always been a sanger (don’t correct me, I spelled that right, lol)? Folks always say they’ve been singing since they were in an embryo. How old were you when you started to explore music?

SHE: I have always loved music! I started singing when I was four. I was the kid who’d sneak into her mother’s fancy clothes and perform songs standing on top a rocking chair. I haven’t slowed down since.

ME: With “FTW” you dabbled a lil’ bit with reggae. Would you say that you are well versed in singing different genres of music? If so, what genres are you comfortable singing?

SHE: Yes, I like to play with different Genres. I love soul and R&B. But for the new EP “REVOLUTION” coming soon, I also play with Rock & Alternative. I love any kind of music that speaks to me.

ME: Where does one go to see you live? I’ve seen you in LA and The Bay. Where do you regularly perform? Venues?

SHE: I travel back and forth between LA, Oakland and San Francisco. I’m currently working on expanding that space. For REVOLUTION Kick off shows, we’re gonna step into some East Coast and Southern Areas as well. I’ve done almost every one between here and LA that I could.

Me: Who or what inspires you?

SHE: I’m really into evolution. Not in a religious point, but just overall growth. I’m an over-thinker. I over-analyze everything because I’m always trying to think about getting better. With that being said, there’s nothing that doesn’t inspire me. Sometimes it’s the weather. If it’s a hot sunny day, and I’m in
love that could be a song to write. If I just started being friends with someone and they do something really hurtful, that’s a song. When I travel, and learn about myself through other cultures and environments, that can be a song. It’s all just taking what’s on my heart and in my soul for the moment and recording it so that I’ll never forget.

Me: Random brain picking. What do you think of Bey, Rhianna, and then somebody totally different like Lalah Hathaway or Ledisi? Or Barbara Streisand?

SHE: I think Bey is outstanding. I love how professional she is and how she represents herself. Bey is one of the greatest entertainers of all times.

What I love about Rihanna is how well her personality comes across in everything. I feel her swag is undeniable and the exotic tone of her voice flows so sweetly over music.

Lalah is Donny Hathaway in a woman’s body. Her voice is butter. I feel she has one of the most beautiful voices of all times.

When I think of Ledisi, I just think of someone extremely in tune with their vocal scale and ability. She can scat, she can sing Jazz, Blues, Soul, R&B, you name it. She sounds amazing live, she’s very unique and crazy talented.

The dopest thing about all these women is that they’re Black and they’re representing all over the world that women of color can do amazing things. We can become icons in this world.

As far as Barbara Streisand, I must admit I’m only familiar with a few songs & movies, but from what I’ve seen and heard she is also a very gifted woman. I had to cover a song she did called “People” in music school, and her version was very beautiful.

Me: Tell me something the fans or I don’t know about Deja Bryson?

SHE: I was born while my mom was on the way to a Michael Jackson concert. She went into labor right before the show and missed it. So… my middle name is…Michael. LOL. My family used to tease me so much as a child, I changed the pronunciation to “Mee-Kel.” Of course, this only made them tease me more!

Me: AWESOMENESS!! Thank you so much for your time and for rocking with Cultured Girls Only.I’ll see you live and in color very soon. We’ll chop it up over breakfast at Cafe Mason.

SHE: Dope. Looking forward to it!

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