This morning was the WORST. All bad everything like Afrolicious and I like to say. Tears shed, grievances made, hugs and reassurance needed. Prayer was definitely needed because sometimes I think only Jehovah God understands and knows how people are SUPPOSED to act and is disappointed infinitely more than I am when they misbehave. After lightly tweeting about my day, though, things started to change.

Lots of love started to flow across my page. Lots of support. Lots of reassurance that not all people are bad and that their are humble, loving people in the world. I’d just had a few bouts with not so good people who’d essentially disappointed me. I expect that people would act appropriately. That they’d love without reason and be kind to one another just based on the fact that we’re both human. Not so. Folks have ideas and agendas that don’t agree with those I have. *shrugs*

There are though very good people like @justursula @NgoziJanea @SherriTerrell @_MissBurks @cheyenneyvette1  @rubysvintage @reddskingyal @MyOshun @MichelleDavisVA @brotherjesse @ThaArchitect and so many others that show that their are refreshing people in the world who a genuinely good people. They inform, instruct, provide comic relief, entertain, and share knowledge and themselves to serve others. These are the kind of people I need to be around, to remind me that their are some good hearted people out there.

Thank you all for in some way inspiring me and for being uplifting, positive people.

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